T3: Titan's Tech Team


The TCU District Media & Technology Services department supports the Tri-City United School District and the Community Education staff in the operation and use of technology.

We work closely with staff development and the Teaching and Learning staff to provide the hardware and software needed to implement the K-12 curriculum.

Incorporating high tech resources into the teaching program is a major focus of our teaching and learning goals. Computers are located in all classrooms and schools have specialty labs housing new technology to enhance student learning. The district’s telecommunications network provides our staff and our students with communications and access to voice, video and online learning resources.

Meet Our Staff
Internet Safety

Students and employees shall have access to the Internet through their classroom, media center or school specialty labs. Students and their parent(s) / guardian(s) must sign an acceptable use consent form to be granted access to the Internet via the Tri-City United Public Schools computer network. The Internet has become a valuable communication and learning tool for the TCU staff and students.

  • Internet safety resources – coming soon