Welcome to Kindergarten!

Dear Families,

Welcome to kindergarten! On behalf of our entire school community, we are thankful to be a part of your child’s educational journey. To assist you in preparing your child for the transition to kindergarten, we’ve assembled information and resources that we believe will be beneficial.

At Tri-City United Public Schools (TCU), we’re on a mission to ignite a passion for learning in our Kindergartners. We believe in making learning an adventure, where active, playful, and hands-on experiences are the building blocks of discovery. Our devoted teachers, fueled by a genuine love for children, are dedicated to inspiring curiosity, creativity, and excellence in every young mind.

Recognizing that each child has unique strengths and talents, we tailor our learning environments to meet individual needs. Through the use of small groups and guided instruction, we ensure that every child’s learning journey is personalized and purposeful. But it’s not just about academics—it’s about building a supportive and caring community within our classrooms. Daily routines, engaging calendar activities, collaborative free play, and morning meetings are pivotal in creating a space where each student feels valued, supported, and ready to thrive.

In every step we take, our goal is to nurture a love for learning that will accompany our Kindergartners on a life-long journey of discovery and success. Kindergarten is set to offer a one-of-a-kind experience for your child. Let’s make this becomes a fantastic ‘first’ year for your little one!

Tri-City United Elementary Schools’ Principals

TCU Elementary Principals