Welcome to the Tri-City United School District – Home of Titan Pride

Ms. Teri Preisler, Superintendent

Dear Tri-City United School District Residents and those New to Our ISD 2905 Area, 

On behalf of the entire Tri-City United School District, Staff, and School Board, welcome to the 2016-2017 school year.  
Tri-City United School District is where high levels of learning for all students is our focus every day.  The continued building of our partnerships with our District’s families and our community stakeholders is vital to attaining this focus.

But what does learning really look like in today’s world and for the future?  It is very different than what I experienced when attending only 6 weeks of kindergarten a little over forty years ago where one of the main goals was to learn how to tie our shoes.  Yes, a solid core for learning still includes reading, math, and written communication; yet today’s learning goes beyond what subjects are taught. 

The “how” in learning today is and needs to be different for the world our students will live in; one that is faster paced and more globally connected.  If today’s students want to compete in this global society, they must also be proficient communicators, creators, critical thinkers, and collaborators (the “Four Cs”).  

This level of learning looks different than classroom rows of students simply listening to a single teacher teaching a lesson, students taking notes, and then memorizing that information for a test.  The vast amount and pace of information available requires that students know how to access what information is really needed and to think critically about how to apply it in today’s problems.  No matter what career each student chooses, he/she needs to be creative in these solutions and have the ability to work with others.  

This is why you will see students learning in groups and as individuals in our classrooms.  Solving problems through projects and engaging students in active ways deepens their learning and understanding.  Broadening their course options and opportunities in PreK-12 is important because most jobs of the future don’t even exist yet so they need to be fully prepared.  

Yes, the how of learning is different today than it was when we as adults attended school.  I encourage you to check out our website to learn more about how Tri-City United is responding to those changes so our students, your children, are fully prepared for high levels of learning and high levels of success in their future.

With Highest Regards,

Teri M. Preisler, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Tri-City United School District

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