Specialists for our class is 1:40-2:05 and then 2:05-2:30.  

Day 1
PE & Music

Day 2
PE & Technology

Day 3
PE & Music

Day 4
Art (they get the whole 50 min block to create)

Day 5
PE & Technology

Mondays and Wednesday we have library check out at during our read aloud time in the morning at 10:00.  If your child does not bring the book back they cannot take a new one out.  We are only allowed 1 book out at a time.  

PE- Mr. Larson
Music- Ms. Borgheiinck
Art- Mrs. Johnson
Technology- Mr Wollenburg
Library- Ms. Larson

Mrs. Pexa is our classroom helper (general ed para) who comes in for support.
Reading Groups: 1:05-1:35
Math Groups: 2:35-3:05
Dissmissal 3:35-3:45


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